At Advantage Tree Service, we love caring for your trees. Safety and quality service are our top priorities. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured (worker's compensation, general liabiliy, auto and equipment insurance).

Why is Advantage the Safest Choice for you?

  • We are one of the only company in the MIDWEST Area with a CTSP on staff
  • We have extensive training programs focused on SAFETY
  • We employ multiple ISA Certified Arborists
  • Our staff is constanty exposed to information about industry wide accidents throughout the country that help us to prevent any future incidents.

Why is the TCIA Important?

Why is the TCIA Important?

The TCIA has a tremendous impact on the safety and well being of our workforce. Their dedicated staff has developed a system called Tree Care Academy. This program is a compilation of books and activities that we can use to train our staff according to the industry standards and OSHA requirements. Each year we require that our employees attend trade shows put on by the TCIA so that our workers can be exposed to the technologies that make our day to day operations  SAFER and  more efficient. Also, the TCIA has an accreditation program that Advantage Tree Service has enrolled in to enable us to evaluate our company against industry standards. Lastly, the TCIA has a certification called CTSP (Certified Tree Safety Professional). This program has helped us to develop training for our leadership in the field! It has supplied the knowledge needed to train our workforce safely and effectively. There are countless other things we know the TCIA does, and will help us do in the the future! Thank you TCIA!

The International Society of Arboriculture is essentially the most trusted worldwide organization in regards to tree care! They are the ones that offer the credentials that mean the most, and the events that have the highest world wide impact! Advantage Tree Service employees attend their events, read their publications, earn their credentials, and are certainly impacted by the ISA's involvement in our world. We always look forward to attending the annual tree climbing event for our chapter, and regularly look to other ISA members to help us understsnd the inherant risks that come with our profession. This allows us to draw from other members experiences so we do not make the same mistakes others have made in the past. We look forward to being more involved with this organization, and helping others benefit the way we do!